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WHAT can I help with

12- week VIP Fertility Bump-Up Program

Express Prenatal Supplement Consult

Nutrition Assessments

WHat can I help with?

Say hello to confidence around food and feel more nourished than ever before!

Nourish your body in a way that feels good to YOU

Have nutrition plans designed for your unique needs in mind

Get Ready to:

- Endometriosis
- Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
- Fertility & pre-conception planning (including IVF)
- Thyroid concerns 
- History of recurrent miscarriage 
- Hypothalamic amenorrhea, disordered eating patterns
  & eating disorders
- Nutrition to support coming off the contraceptive pill

- Optimising pregnancy health & nutrition
- Gestational Diabetes
- Nutritional deficiencies
- Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG)
- Pre-eclampsia
- Managing pregnancy related side effects such as constipation, nausea & vomiting, UTI's and fatigue
- Nutrition support for pregnancy post bariatric surgery
- Nutrition support post IVF

- Optimising nutrition for the postpartum, in particular
- Postnatal depletion and managing fatigue
- Thyroid diseases
- Optimising nutrition and preparing for next baby
- Weight & body image concerns, or new disordered eating patterns

pre- conception



Program will return in 2024

1x initial nutrition assessment- up to 75 min together to get a deep understanding of your unique nutritional needs. 

5x fortnightly review appointments after the initial assessment - to tweak and evolve the plan

5x fortnightly short video lessons on topic relevant to your personal journey 

Unlimited (replied to within 48 hours) email or WhatsApp during the 12 weeks

A personalised supplement plan and access to 20% off RRP practitioner only supplements

2x 1 week meal guidance plan (with shopping list and recipes included) - 1x at week 1, and then 1x at week 6-8

A Nourished Bump Welcome Kit
 - OmegaQuant At Home Omega 3 testing kit 
 - Meal planner fridge magnet
 - Mini protein guide magnet
 - Nourish & Thrive Workbook

Extras Bonuses

Choose this program and score more than just a BFF. The Fertility Bump Up Program includes:

Life is busy and so are you, you don't have time to waste hours googling what to eat, sifting through all the wrong advice to find what your unique nutritional needs are!

Have on-demand access to a Dietitian for 12 weeks!!

With my expertise, experience and supportive nature - all your nutrition questions will be answered and you will feel confident and empowered embarking on your fertility journey. Armed and ready to nourish your body and increase your chances of conceiving.

Currently Not Available until 2024 - email me for more information

12 weeks of 1:1 nutrition coaching support and all the tools you need to reach your nourishment goals in 2023

12-Week VIP Fertility bump up Program


Get your personalised plan today for $150

Personalised Prenatal Supplement Recommendations (including brand suggestions & dosing) and Plan based your your personal requirements & after a nutrition analysis of your diet

Time in the 30 minutes to ask any other burning pregnancy questions and any resources sent to your inbox within 48 hours to provide further clarity

Included in the Express Consult:

For the month of October I am offering an express prenatal supplement consult for those in their pre-conception & pregnancy journeys.

This is best suited for those women without complex medical backgrounds that are just needing a little bit of guidance around what prenatal multivitamin +/- other supplements they should be taking.

As it is only 30 minutes together, if you are needing a bit more support or have an extensive medical history or a complex fertility/ pregnancy journey a full nutrition assessment will be required.

Book in for a free chat if you are unsure which would be most appropriate for your unique need.

Because sometimes you just need a little bit of guidance to point you in the right direction.

Express Prenatal Supplement Consult


Get started on your nourished journey from $259

Full nutrient analysis of your diet with tailored recommendations, as well as expert review and recommendations of any required blood tests

3 day meal guidance based on the assessment & created with you in session

A supplement plan designed just for you and your needs

Any resources or recipes that are relevant to your needs and nutrition goals set in the consult. Plan and resources straight to your inbox within 48 hrs

Support and liaison with other health professionals that you are currently working with

An initial nutrition assessment at The Nourished Bump includes:

Everyone needs a plan right? Say hello to your unique roadmap that will take you complete nourishment in no time

Nutrition Assessments


1:1 education and support to alleviate all the doubts and confusion around what to eat during your motherhood journey from pregnancy through to postpartum. You will have a nutrition expert in your corner and a plan created with your unique needs in mind.

I'm here to support you in navigating whatever challenges pop up during your pregnancy journey. As a member of your antenatal team I am here to advocate for you and your bump!

Initial Dietitian Assessment  (60 min) cost of $250

Review Consultations (30 min) cost of $150

Rebates may available for those with a Chronic Disease Management Plan or an Eating Disorder Management Plan  - contact me for more information.

Private Health:
Speak to your personal private health provider regarding rebates for dietetic services  - I will provide you with an invoice after the consult which will be needed to claim the rebate from your provider.

Wanting to find out more and see if I am the best fit to guide you through your nutrition journey?

Book in for a free 15 min chat over the phone

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