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I am finding motherhood at 16 months postpartum harder than I ever did in the newborn phase, and it has nothing to do with the baby! Yes you heard that correctly, and maybe I am in the minority with feeling like this, but I am finding motherhood at 16 months postpartum harder than I did […]

The Motherhood Juggle – 16 months later & it’s harder than ever!


Nourishing your postpartum body – Advice from a Mumma & Prenatal Dietitian Transforming into a mother with tired eyes but full heart I remember the day we got our professional newborn photos back clearly. I remember the joy looking through all the treasured moments in time that were captured and loving every photo except for […]

Nourishing your postpartum body


I am passionate about helping women become the experts of their bumps and say goodbye to confusion around food, wherever they may be in their motherhood journey.

By creating a nutrition plan tailored exactly to your unique needs and support from a dietitian who’s been down this road herself you will have the tools and expertise to nourish your bump in a way that feels good to you!

Let’s take the stress and confusion out of the equation for your nutrition journey and empower you to confidently make food choices that are the best for you and your nourished bump.

Prenatal Dietitian, Nutritionist & Coffee- fuelled mumma!

hello, i'm Madison.

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Hello. I'm Madison.