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In the world of natural remedies and herbal supplements, there are a few hidden treasures that have captured the attention of those seeking to enhance their health and well-being. Among these, one name has been making waves (especially on TikTok recently) for its potential to boost fertility and reproductive health: maca root. While the use […]

Maca Root – Does it actually boost fertility like TikTok says?


Preparing for a pregnancy and expanding the family is an exciting and important time in any couple’s life. Reflecting on my past experience, I’ve decided to approach this new chapter with a balanced mindset, making some positive changes along the way. Join me in this blog post, as I share the five key adjustments I’m […]

My Pre-Conception Journey: 5 Key Changes I’m Making This Time Around


I am passionate about helping women become the experts of their bumps and say goodbye to confusion around food, wherever they may be in their motherhood journey.

By creating a nutrition plan tailored exactly to your unique needs and support from a dietitian who’s been down this road herself you will have the tools and expertise to nourish your bump in a way that feels good to you!

Let’s take the stress and confusion out of the equation for your nutrition journey and empower you to confidently make food choices that are the best for you and your nourished bump.

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hello, i'm Madison.

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Hello. I'm Madison.